Use SmartDNS to Watch TV Shows Anywhere in the World

Use SmartDNS to Watch TV Shows Anywhere in the World

Keeping up with your favourite TV shows or sports can be difficult when travelling. If you’re in a country that doesn’t speak your language, chances are the TV stations won’t. either. If you try to watch them online you might find they are restricted. Use SmartDNS to watch TV shows anywhere in the world.

You might have subscriptions to various TV stations or sports networks which allow you to watch shows live or catch up later, they could be restricted if you tried to watch them abroad. This is due to regional restrictions that come into place when you leave the country. One way to bypass this is to use SmartDNS and Le VPN to change your IP address to any country of your choice. If you’re in Paris trying to access WatchESPN from the US you won’t be able to. By switching from a French IP address to a US one, you can watch your favourite sports live as if you were back home.

SmartDNS is a much more simple way of switching your IP address with ease, you no longer have to change any settings on your devices. This will allow to still access local websites whilst still watching TV from overseas. Not only will the service work on your laptop, but if you have any other devices to connect to the internet, including tablets and smartphones, then you can use Le VPN and SmartDNS with them too.

SmartDNS is a new service as part of Le VPN, which holds many more benefits to those who use the internet. Not only can you use SmartDNS to watch TV shows anywhere in the world, but the service includes many security features. Le VPN offers users complete online anonymity, also providing a secure connection to the internet wherever you connect. So if you have to connect to the internet through a public connection, potentially risky, then use Le VPN to make sure no one else could access private information.

To see even more benefits, check out the website for further information. Those who have an existing subscription to Le VPN have full access to SmartDNS with their existing package.

Don’t miss your favourite TV shows or sports when you’re out the country, sign up to Le VPN and use SmartDNS to watch TV shows anywhere in the world.



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