Use SmartDNS to Access Your Favourite TV Shows

Use SmartDNS to Access Your Favourite TV Shows

With this time of the year meaning TV shows are returning as well as brand new shows hitting the small screen for the first time means you never want to miss these shows or have to wait for them to show in your own country. Use SmartDNS to access your favourite TV shows wherever you are in the world, and simply change your geo-location to that anywhere in the world.

You can now watch all your favourite shows from the US, UK and France, even if you’re abroad. By giving you the option to change your IP address to that of anywhere in the world, allows you to access any subscription based services online, including US based HBO, Netflix, Britain’s BBC iPlayer or the French M6 and France2.

Existing subscribers can also benefit with SmartDNS as a simpler way to change your virtual location, IP address, by no longer requiring you to change settings on your device. The process can now mean you can still browse local websites but still have that Netflix straight from the US without constantly switching in between. For a more complete list of all compatible channels throughout the world, check out the website.

One of the best features of SmartDNS is the no loss of internet speed. Unlike some VPNs that unfortunately impact your download speeds when it bottle-necks the connection. But with SmartDNS, you will enjoy the same regular speed as your normal connection.

SmartDNS will work on all your devices, including laptops and computers running on Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, SmartDNS can run on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, as well as with Android devices. If you usually watch streaming TV and films on your TV you can also use SmartDNS on games consoles, smart TVs and even routers.

Enjoy the internet by your own rules with SmartDNS by Le VPN, sign up and use SmartDNS to access your favourite TV shows.



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