Use P2P Safely With Le VPN

Use P2P Safely With Le VPN

Now that Le VPN has added even more dedicated servers for P2P sharing, it is now even more secure to share files across the internet. We will show you how to use P2P safely with Le VPN. If you like to download torrents regularly, you may be vulnerable to warnings from your internet service provider who may cap your service, cancel it or even worse, report you to the authorities.

With Le VPN, you can be safe in the knowledge that whenever you download files through programs like uTorrent, eMule, Transmission or any other torrent program, your connection will be safe. Le VPN is completely independent from your torrenting program so it doesn’t matter what you use, your internet traffic will stay secure with a highly encrypted connection.

Le VPN has now added three more countries to the VPN server list, including Canada, Netherlands and Luxembourg. These join the already existing Czech Republic server dedicated to file sharing and P2P. In order to not lose any bandwidth speed, it is advised to join the server closest to your current location.

Sign up to Le VPN today and enjoy the true freedom of the internet with an encrypted connection wherever you connect from as well. This ensures your online activity is safe and free from snooping or potential hacks. With the HybridVPN service, you can easily stream content that is usually region restricted without a loss of speed.



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