US Airline Forced to Ground Flights After Glitch

US Airline Forced to Ground Flights After Glitch

Due to a computer glitch at several busy airports across the USA, a large number of American Airlines flights have been forced to ground until the problem is resolved. Planes in Chicago, Dallas and Miami were prevented from taking off until the issue had been fixed. The issue was first bought to the airlines’ attention at around midday last Friday and continued throughout the day until it was finally resolved mid afternoon.

As American Airlines, US airline forced to ground flights after glitch, the cause for the outage is still not known. The only only statement to come out of American Airlines was given in the afternoon, but not much details were given at that point, with simply a statement claiming it was ‘airline issues’, which came from the FAA, the Federal Aviation Authority.

The biggest issue with this particular glitch, is that it has come after a long line of computer glitches causing havoc with the airlines. Thousands of US airlines have been left either delayed or actually cancelled due to computer errors across the airline network. In July of this year, thousands of flights were grounded due to network issues that affected United Airlines. Then a month before in June, United Airlines were also forced to prevent any flights from taking off when it was announced there were ‘automation issues’, which again caused all flights to be grounded until the issue was resolved. The iPad app which is commonly used by pilots across the States, crashed unexpectedly in April which caused large amounts of damage across the United States when it caused massive delays in American Airlines flights. The app, which since 2013 has gone on to replace over 16kg (35lbs) of paper manuals that the pilots are required to carry at all times.

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