Unsuccessful Chinese DDoS attack against Le VPN

Unsuccessful Chinese DDoS attack against Le VPN

Since yesterday February 4th we’ve been experiencing a persistent but inefficient and unprofessional DDoS attack against our website.

We assume that this DDos attack could have been related to the new Chinese attempts to fight against VPN providers. This attack also came right after Le VPN’s launch of a new HybridVPN service that brought an innovative solution to a growing VPN market.

The attack originated mostly from China and looked as a middle range botnet attack. Le VPN team has estimated its size to be around 15000-16000 bots.

Le VPN security specialists were very excited about this attack and already put their helmets on in preparing to defend their right to be CEH and CISSP certified. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t a great adventure for them as this attack was completely ineffective due to Le VPN’s advanced DDoS protection mechanisms.

At present, the attack is neutralized and Le VPN security team has deployed additional security measures to keep their attention on this.

Le VPN services have not been affected by this attack and have been accessible to Le VPN clients throughout the whole time. Le VPN team is proud to be one of the most stable VPN providers on the market and to continuously guarantee 100% uptime of its VPN service.

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