The UnREAL series is all about Real-TV

The UnREAL series is all about Real-TV

Do you know UnREAL, this American TV series which has already become a blockbuster?
What do you feel about checking at some exclusive and fun TV series to browse at this summer, when you have some time off?

Let’s start with UnREAL!

UnREAL, is a Real-TV series, a satirical and cynical show created by Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro – the former producer of the Bachelor.
Here is UnREAL series’ pitch: get yourself behind the scenes of Everlasting, a string of reality TV like The Bachelor. Follow the main character Rachel Goldberg who works for this TV channel and just aims at manipulating the various candidates to be able to get the most dramatic effects. The producer Quinn King is actually also ready to do anything to have his show get the maximum possible audience.
The main players including Shiri Appleby, who plays Rachel Goldberg, Josh Kelly, Craig Philipp Birko or Constance Zimmer are all excellent. The scenario is well-crafted; with a breathless pace.
The second season is a definitely a hit, as the first one indeed. And the 7 new episodes of the second season are all already available in the USA.

The series is currently aired on Lifetime USA and Canada simultaneously. It has also been broadcast in France since last May on the NRJ 12 channel.
Both UnREAL season 1 and 2 offer a look at what is happening in the tough reality TV world, where being a competitor can be a challenge at all times when you need to survive and a production team which is in a completely different reality.
Whether you are addicted to reality TV or you are just wondering how these programs are designed, you will dive into the UnREAL series quickly.
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