Top 25 Websites Only Available In The US

Top 25 Websites Only Available In The US

The Internet is global, isn’t it? You can log on wherever there is a connection, in just about any country right? It’s true that you can log in just about anywhere in the world but the Internet isn’t as global as you might think. Aside from areas where the internet is censored or banned there are many reasons why web content may be geo-restricted and nowhere is that more true than in the US. The number one reason is due to copyright laws which, different from country to country, may not provide the same protections everywhere. To avoid issues the easiest thing for a website to do is prevent those outside the United States from accessing and streaming content … but there are ways around this. A SmartDNS system can help but by itself is becoming less and less an option as web masters become savvy to the technique. A better method, and safer, is to use a VPN to unblock US websites. A VPN, virtual private network, creates a digital tunnel through which your device accesses the Internet, as well as rerouting your connection through a designated server in the country of your choice, providing a level of privacy and security you can’t get with SmartDNS alone.

Top 25 Websites Only Available In The US | Le VPN

Here’s our selection of the Top 25 websites only available in the US:

1. Netflix

You may be thinking, Netflix? I can access Netflix and I’m not in the US. What you may not know is that much of the Netflix library is geo-restricted due to copyright laws in the US and abroad. While it is possible to view much of the library the only place to access the full listing of content and original programming is in the US. In January 2016 Netflix started restricting VPN providers from unblocking their streaming service through proxies, and while Le VPN was able to bypass this blockage up until October 2016, its service can no longer guarantee unblocking Netflix.

2. HBO Go

This is another high profile website with content many non-US viewers would like to access. This site is HBO’s online streaming service that allows users to watch the latest movies as well as HBO’s well known original programming, such Game Of Thrones and True Detective. The problem is that it requires an HBO account and is one of the most heavily blocked sites on the Internet.

3. Crackle is one of the only remaining website where you can watch FREE streaming content on the Internet. And it is a US based website only accessible through a US connection. This site allows you to stream movies, TV shows and original programming on any internet connected device.

4. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video is yet another online service streaming movies, TV and other entertainment. Some content is free to watch, some other is available through subscription or for purchase and the rest is available only to Prime customers. The bad news is that if you are not located in the US much if not all will be blocked.

5. CrunchyRoll

Is the leading online source of all things relating to Anime. With offices in San Francisco and Japan it provides the latest Anime shows online along with forums and store where anime inspired products of all types can be purchased. This site is not limited to the US but those outside the US will likely not be able to access the full library.

6. NFL Gamepass

US style football is gaining in popularity around the world. It is still far behind soccer in terms of viewer but for those of you who would like to keep up with pre-season and in season games this is the best avenue to take. The problem is, once again, geo-restrictions which will limit or prevent your access.

7. CNN Go

Want to keep up with US news from a local source? CNN Go is the way to go. The site provides a full schedule of daily news shows and updates but is restricted to those in the US.

8. ABC

ABC, the American Broadcast Company, is one of many US based television networks with a full library of Internet content available for streaming. Most shows are available to watch after they have aired on TV but there is also some content available live. Live shows include the famous soap opera General Hospital and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The site also hosts old shows, called Throwbacks, such as Dinosaurs, School House Rock and Ugly Betty. Also included in is ABC Family programming. Unblock ABC shows with a VPN or a SmartDNS service, or try HybridVPN by Le VPN which is a mix of the two.

9. HBO Now

This is another great website and powered by HBO’s library of content. Unlike HBO Go which requires an HBO TV account this one does not. It is a paid service, similar to a TV account, which allows users to view streaming media and even comes with a free 30 day trial. Among available content are new movies and original programming including talk shows, documentaries and comedy specials. To use simply download the app onto your mobile device, set up an account and start watching on any connected device.

10. CBS

The Columbia Broadcasting System is another major US TV broadcaster. They operate a channel with a full line of content including original shows and movies, news and much more. Their website is very similar to NBC and ABC including access to in-season programming the day after it is first aired along with a library of past shows. The website also hosts a wide variety of supporting content including blogs, interviews and behind the scenes action. Some shows are even aired live. You can easily unblock CBS, NBC and ABC with a SmartDNS or a HybridVPN service by Le VPN, as well as through a standard VPN connecting by connecting to a server in the US.

11. Fox

Fox is the 4th major US TV network and the owner of popular shows like the long running The Simpsons cartoon. Their website hosts individual episodes of programs as well as full seasons which can be streamed to any device. Some programming is also available live. The Fox Store allows viewers to purchase episodes for streaming and DVD’s of their favorite shows. One thing that sets Fox apart from the other networks are the special features such as Miss American Pageant, coverage of ComicCon and the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

12. MTV

Music Television, MTV, is one of the most iconic American television networks on the air. The channel, which started out as a platform for music videos, has evolved into a pop culture phenomenon that includes reality TV shows as well as original comedy and dramas. The website is divided into three parts, music, news and shows, which includes the latest episodes as well as entire seasons. The site is free to watch, all you have to do is sign up and set up an account, which allows viewers to stream onto any device. Bonus programming includes behind the scenes clips and interviews with your favorite stars.

13. The Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network is obviously a great website with access to all your favorite cartoons including original programming. The site also includes games and apps based on your favorite cartoon characters, an online community and store. The games range from free downloads to paid services, same with the apps, and all are supported in the community. The community provides information on new or upcoming shows and even tips and tricks for playing the games. Access is granted with a login but you will need to have a subscription to the actual TV channel to get in.

14. The Food Network

The Food Network is a TV channel and website that is actually of use to everybody. It teaches people how to make great food, as well as entertaining them. The website has all the great shows we’ve come to know and love over the years, both new episodes and old, and is one of the most useful to accompany a TV Channel. Along with streaming content there are quick videos introducing and interviewing the stars, full recipes of all foods shown in the episodes and a great ratings section for popular restaurants around the world. The only downside is that like most other cable networks you will have to have a TV subscription in order to access it.

15. Disney

Yes, the worlds largest theme park operator and maker of family films has a website. On the site you can stream movies, shows and more. The Disney portfolio includes many popular movies including Star Wars; The Force Awakens, as well as classics and original programming. The site leads you to three sub-sites, the Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior which each provide a unique library of Disney’s content. In order to watch streaming video you will have to have a subscription through a TV provider, or you can purchase shows and movies individually.

16. PBS

The Public Broadcasting Service is a free, broadcast, TV channel with unique educational, entertainment and news programming. It is a non-profit business providing a platform for shows that the big networks choose to not air. One focus of the channel is on the arts, including performing arts such as music but also crafts such as woodworking, painting and many others. The well known “happy” painter Bob Ross is only one of the many iconic programs viewers have come to know and love. Unlike the websites of cable channels you do not need to have an account with a TV provider, a simple log-in is all it takes to gain access. Once in you can stream programs from the library, view upcoming schedules, shop in the store and even donate to the cause.

17. The USA Network

The USA Network was one of the first channels on US television to specialize in re-runs, previously aired content often first seen on other channels. Since it began the channel has amassed a huge collection of series such as Law&Order and Modern Family as well as Emmy winning original programming like Burn Notice. USA is also home to WWE wrestling events like Smackdown and Tough Enough that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Viewers can stream shows and movies direct to any device.

18. TVLand

TVLand is the channel you go to when you want to watch classic and vintage television shows like I Love Lucy, I Dream Of Jeannie, The Jeffersons and many more. The website is pretty simple, viewers are able to stream shows and even set reminders of when desired episodes are coming up in the programming. Alongside the classic and vintage programming are a number of originals including the Jim Gaffigan Show. While USA may only make a few episodes of a show available at a time, TVLand allows users to watch entire seasons.

19. Texture

Is a unique website with content you cant’ get just anywhere, besides the check out lane. This website has the content of more than 200 top US magazines. Titles such as People, Time, Food & Wine and National Geographic are only a small representation of the massive catalog. It is not free but the fee is very cheap considering what you get, full access with few limits. There is an upgrade for enhanced access but even that is small compared to the price of the magazines if you were to buy them individually. The only bad news is that it is only available to those who live in the US or Canada.

20. VH1

MTV’s rival channel and host to a number of pop culture shows VH1 is another website where users can stream music, videos and shows across the internet. The difference is that VH1 is a lifestyle channel and goes beyond the pop and turns the focus onto the individual. The website has areas for health & beauty, style and relationships along with complete access to the shows. The Pop Culture tab goes to links where members can read about their favorite stars, and watch videos and interviews.

21. FYI

FYI is a hit spin-off of A&E with a unique line up of hit shows. The channel takes a different approach and focuses on more unusual subject matter. Among the line up Tiny House Nation, Married At First Sight and Man VS Child: Chef Showdown are near the top of the list. Of the websites linked to major TV channels this one is the most straightforward, focusing on the shows and doing little more.

22. Oprah

You may have thought Oprah retired but she didn’t. She’s busy working on new projects such as the website, Oprah. The site is her online presence and carries on many of the traditions of her long running television talk show. The site is packed with videos and live streaming content on all aspects of life, news and pop culture. All you have to do is sign in for full access which includes forums and blogs where people can share their stories.

23. Smithsonian Channel

One of the greatest museums in the world brings this website to life with videos, shows and other content of educational and informational value. When you log in you will be bombarded by page after page of interesting videos ranging from Pompeii’s Graffiti to colonies of bees and the workings of offshore drilling rigs. The best part is, you don’t even have to log in, if you are located in the US.

24. Fandor

Fandor is the host to independent films from around the world. As such it is the leading source of art films and other provocative works that are often the subject of censorship. The site streams on most devices and offers a curated list of top films and a full library of past works. The site also has a number of extra features such as information on the filmmakers and actors, video short essays and interviews. In the Community members can leave reviews of films they have watched and read them for ones they may want to watch.

25. AdultSwim

AdultSwim is the online presence of the late night cartoon and entertainment show of the same name. The multi-hour program is series of shows, shorts and skits of off-color comedy and satire that is not for the faint of heart. The website hosts many of the shows and shorts found on TV as well as games, music chat rooms and more. If you like raw, crass, off-color American humor this is the channel for you.

This list is only a small number of the websites that are only available in the US or geo-restricted in some way. It doesn’t matter if a website you may want is on this list or not, it is likely that at some time you will be prevented from using a website or other online service due to geo-restrictions. The best way to get around this is with a VPN and Le VPN makes it really easy to use one. All you have to do to use the VPN to unblock US websites is join, the fee is minimal and as low as $4.95 per month, and you can begin accessing websites around the world. They have plans for all devices that provide the added benefit of security and privacy you can’t get with simple malware protection. The need is obvious and the benefits are great, access to all the best online streaming content on earth with enhanced security. Why wait, get Le VPN now.

*Article updated on August 3rd, 2018*



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