Top 10 Zombie Movies for Halloween!

Top 10 Zombie Movies for Halloween!

There is never a better time to watch scary horror movies than on a Halloween night! Get ready for some chills!!!

We prepared for you the TOP 10 of Zombie Movies that are the highest rated on American Netflix.

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#1 World War Z (2013)


A U.N. employee races against time and fate as he travels the world trying to stop the spread of a deadly zombie pandemic.



#2 Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Night of the living dead

As dead bodies return to life and feast on humans, a woman joins a band of survivors in a farmhouse trying to save themselves from the zombie hordes.



#3 White Zombie (1932)


A young couple honeymooning in Haiti is terrorized by a crazed plantation owner who turns the wife into a zombie to join his legion of undead workers.



#4 Pontypool (2008)

pontypool1Valentine’s Day is off to a bizarre start for a radio shock-jock when he runs into a crazed woman on his way to work – and that’s only the beginning.



#5 Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)

Evil-Dead-IIStranded in a cabin in the woods, Ash and his girlfriend accidentally invoke a spell that causes the Evil Dead to rise and kill in this cult classic.



#6 Day of the Dead (1985)

DOTD1A contentious group of scientists and soldiers hides in an underground bunker to escape a world overrun by the flesh-eating undead.



#7 The Returned (2013)

the-returnedIn a future where zombies can turn back into humans with the aid of a special protein, things become ugly when demand for the antidote exceeds supply.



#8 [Rec] 3: Genesis (2012)

REC-3-Genesis-posterThe third chapter in the blood-chilling REC franchise begins with protagonists Koldo and Clara about to be wed, when several guests begin falling ill.



#9 Tales from the Crypt: Ritual (2002)

ritualStripped of her license, a doctor moves to Jamaica and accepts a job ministering to a man claiming to have been hexed by a voodoo curse.



#10 Invisible Invaders (1959)

Invisible Invaders 03Maj. Bruce Jay and his team of scientists must defeat an invading horde of invisible creatures from outer space capable of reanimating human corpses.



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