Take Your Spotify Playlists Everywhere with Le VPN

Take Your Spotify Playlists Everywhere with Le VPN

With music streaming services replacing the more conventional mp3 players and classic iPods, it is now even easier to take your entire music collection with you, without the worry of space. Take your Spotify playlists everywhere with Le VPN. Unfortunately, much like the issues that plague other media such as TV shows and movies, licensing issues mean that some songs and playlists would not be available in certain countries. This of course defies the point of being able to use Spotify anywhere you have an internet connection in order to access your music.

Record labels and studios require licensing fees in order to broadcast and play songs, whether for a certain country, region or even just the medium such as online streaming. Spotify has to negotiate these contracts with the studios in order to make them available on their music streaming service. But what happens if say Indonesia does not hold the rights to Pink Floyd? Then if you were to attempt to play the band’s back catalog you will encounter them greyed out, unable to be played.

But with Le VPN you can bypass this frustrating restriction by connecting to a different region via an IP address. So if you created a playlist back home in the UK, all ready for your round the world trip, some songs will not be able to be played. By changing your virtual location, your IP address, to that back to the UK, even if you are in Australia, it will all be available again. Le VPN works on any device you use to connect to the internet, including laptops, phones, tablets or even smart TVs. So you’ll never be without your favourite playlist, even if you are stuck in an airport in Fiji with nothing to do.

Le VPN can also be a great tool in providing much needed security. No matter where you are, you need to stay safe online, protected from hackers, data thieves and any other danger online. By connecting to Le VPN you will be connecting to the internet through a secure and encrypted connection, masking your online presence and keeping all your data private. Join Le VPN today and enjoy the many benefits of using a VPN, as well as being able to unlock Spotify no matter where you are, always being able to access your playlists.

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