Take Your Spotify Playlists Everywhere

Take Your Spotify Playlists Everywhere

Being able to access all your music wherever you are in the world without the need to carry extra storage makes travelling with your music so much easier. With Spotify you can simply sign in using your phone or a computer wherever you are and you can access all your playlists, wherever you are. But if you leave the country you might find some music is unaccessible. By using Le VPN, you can take your Spotify playlists everywhere.

Le VPN simply allows you to bypass regional restrictions imposed by record labels and music companies who only allow Spotify to broadcast their band’s music in certain countries. In some areas you won’t be able to access various back catalogues of a band, or even entire artists might be missing. By changing your IP address, Le VPN allows you to choose a new virtual location that you connect to the internet through and you can access all your music as if you were back home.

So if you’re going on holiday or a long trip, you don’t want to take your entire music collection with you, simply connect to the internet through Le VPN, change your IP address to back home, and your Spotify playlists will follow you around the world.

Aside from giving you the freedom of taking all your music with you, Le VPN is also a secure way to connect to the internet. If you are travelling, you will no doubt have to connect through an unsecured network, public wifi zones that exist in hotels, coffee shops and airports. Connecting through Le VPN, you will secure your connection from anyone who could be using the wireless network to snoop on other user’s activity.

Sign up to Le VPN and no matter where you are in the world, take your Spotify playlists everywhere and access all your music, wherever you are.



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