Spotify from abroad even when you travel!

Spotify from abroad even when you travel!

Do you know that when you travel and the IP of your computer connection changes to the one of the new country, you can no longer use Spotify?

When you open the Spotify application abroad, you get the following message: “Your country does not match the one set in your profile. To continue use, update your profile or upgrade your Spotify account for unlimited travel”.

Spotify abroad without VPN | unblock spotify
How to overcome these country boundaries without spending extra $ on upgrading an account? Use Le VPN to unblock Spotify if your Spotify account is registrered in one of the following 114 countries where we have our servers: USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Russia, India, Australia, Japan, and many other countries.

Simply connect to the server in your home country, for which you have set up the Spotify account, and enjoy your favorite music from anywhere in the world!

Spotify abroad with Le VPN

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