Listen to Spotify Anywhere with Le VPN

Listen to Spotify Anywhere with Le VPN

Whenever you attempt to access your Spotify playlists abroad, you will find that not all your music is accessible to you. This is when Spotify has restrictions on its music streaming service if you are out of a certain country. By using a VPN, you can listen to Spotify anywhere with Le VPN.

Le VPN will allow you to bypass the restrictions put in place due to licensing issues in other countries. As Spotify has to rely on record labels and studios in allowing them to stream their music, the licensing might only exist in certain countries. When you’re travelling, nobody wants to have to carry around their entire music collection with them physically, so by using Spotify you can take your entire library wherever you go, as long as you have access to the internet.

By switching your IP address to that of your home country, you can access your Spotify library as if you were back home. Doing so is as simple as changing your device settings to that of another IP address. This method also works in getting around regional restrictions on other websites and services, such as sports channels like Sky Sports or ESPN, or media channels like BBC.

Whatever device you use to connect to the internet with you can use with Le VPN, on up to two devices simultaneously. Whether you use Spotify on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can simply connect with Le VPN, change your ‘virtual location’ to anywhere in the world and access all your playlists without issue.

So the next time you leave the country on holiday or work, don’t leave your music behind, take your Spotify playlists anywhere you go and listen to Spotify anywhere with Le VPN.



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