Could Spotify Emerge As Netflix Rival?

Could Spotify Emerge As Netflix Rival?

While Spotify continues to dominate the online music streaming landscape, regularly beating out competitors Google Play, Tidal and others, the company has grand plans for the future. The company could be venturing into online streaming video content as well as music, but could Spotify emerge as Netflix rival?

Spotify continues to grow bigger with more than 30million users worldwide, with numbers steadily growing. Offering an unrivalled streaming service with over 30million tracks available, including Kanye West’s latest album Life of Pablo. The interesting twist in this one however, is that Kanye originally only released the album on Tidal, a direct rival to Spotify. Seeing how Spotify is only getting bigger, and Tidal falling by the wayside, it was the smart thing to do.

While rumours circulated about Spotify potentially venturing into video content, it has already experimented with video segments in the UK, USA, Germany and home country Sweden. At the moment these have been short clips from ESPN, Comedy Central and BBC, as a way for Spotify to see how clips would integrate into their established music delivery service. The difference Spotify see, to say Netflix, is that they would not be after exclusive rights, much like Netflix Originals. Instead they will be hoping to obtain global rights, without preventing rivals from broadcasting the same content. Only time will tell if Spotify do plan to branch out.

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