Spotify Apologise for Accessing Personal Information

Spotify Apologise for Accessing Personal Information

Spotify has revolutionised the way we listen to music, as we no longer have to physically carry our music around with us, we just carry our smart phone and as allowing us to access all our music from wherever we are. All you need is an internet connection and you can sign in and access your entire library of music as if you were at home. Spotify’s popularity has grown tremendously since its inception, with the service boasting more than 75million subscribers, with 20million paying premium members.

But the music streaming site has received a backlash of criticism after the company’s latest privacy policy update has left its users angry. The new changes supposedly give Spotify access to the user’s camera, photos and GPS location. This is all due to the new services Spotify plan to implement into its streaming service, but since then, Spotify apologise for accessing personal information, and hiding it in their privacy policy. If you are a subscriber of Spotify, whether you pay for premium or just the free version, Spotify have assured its users that when the changes are implemented, the app will only access personal information after permission is granted.

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