Difficult Time for Set TV for Alleged Piracy

Difficult Time for Set TV for Alleged Piracy

Kodi boxes are popular all over. In fact, it has changed the way we watch TV and stream movies. It lets the users to stream online content from apps as well as on-demand services. You can also use Kodi on Android. It mostly happens that we want to keep ourselves busy while travelling. And Kodi on Android is very much capable to do the needful. You can watch the content of your choice on your Android handset while on the go. Kodi has a number of add-ons. Through these, you can watch your favorite movies and TV-series.

Apart from being popular among users, Kodi has been on the hit list of big production houses and TV networks.  And now, Set TV is the new target on the list of television networks and streaming services.

A Lawsuit Against Set TV

Netflix, Amazon along with media houses like Columbia Pictures, Disney, Sony, and Paramount have filed a lawsuit against Set TV. The blame is that Set TV not only stream pirated content, but also charge a fee for it. With the subscription charge of $20 per month, Set TV allows you to stream 500 channels. Additionally, Set TV has a ‘pre-loaded box,’ which lets you enjoy the live-streams of TV channels, and video-on-demand services. Set TV has apps for Kodi, Android, FireTV, etc.

If Kodi Is Legal?

Similar to Torrents, Kodi is, of course, legal to use. However, you have to make sure the content you download is legal. There are some apps on Kodi that allows dubious and illegal access to content. So, if you infringe copyright by streaming illegal content, it’s not acceptable.

You can enjoy the content of your choice with Kodi on Android TV or phone. However, it is very much possible that Kodi is inaccessible in your area due to government imposed ban. We are sure you would not like your ISP and others to know what you are streaming. Hence, opt for a VPN service while you use Kodi on Android.

Why You Need VPN For Kodi On Android?

  • Avoid ISP Tracking: Of course, your internet service providers (ISPs) can watch what you browse online. The ISPs collect your data as well as your personal surfing habits. Though this data is useful to understand the consumer behavior, some ISPs even sell such a data for financial gains. You can easily bypass such ISP servers and hide your data. With Le VPN, you can anonymously browse the internet. Your ISPs will know someone is using the internet; but not who, where they are, what they do.
  • Bypass Geo-restrictions: Kodi on Android will allow you to stream the content of your choice. However, in some countries, using Kodi is inaccessible due to government imposed restrictions. But a VPN can solve this issue. A VPN will allow you to stream from any country in the world. E.g., if you are looking to stream BBC outside the UK, you may not be able to have access to the full content. Use Le VPN’s UK IP address, and you get a pass to watch the content of your choice.
  • Access to new releases: A VPN is a perfect choice if you want access to any new game, or music video, or a movie. The release time for the same game may differ in different countries due to the difference in time zones. I.e., a new game may get released in the US before the EU or parts of Asia. Just use the IP address from Le VPN’s list. And hoopla! You get access to the content ahead of its release date.

Additionally, Le VPN ensures 100% security with external online threats. Subscribe to Le VPN today and enjoy Kodi on Android. You can use Le VPN’s VPN for Android and enjoy live streaming anytime, anywhere.



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