Protect your mobile devices with the new Le VPN app for iOS

Protect your mobile devices with the new Le VPN app for iOS

Purchasing online, checking your bank accounts, answering emails, taking pictures … it is quite amazing what to see all you can do with mobile devices: your iPhone or Android tablet are now part of your daily life. If your mobile devices enable you to save time, they can also make you to take risks, if you use unsecured internet connections. Even your Wi-Fi at home is not protected as anyone with minimum IT skills may interfere with your network and access your personal information, without you noticing it even!

With Le VPN new iOS offer, you can now protect all your mobile devices working on iOS so easily.

Looking for a VPN application for iPhone, a VPN application for iPod touch or the best VPN for Ipad? With Le VPN, your iPhone, iPad mini and iPad touch can all be protected with a single VPN service which also secures your Internet connection through a top secure military encryption system. You can even connect two devices simultaneously, while enjoying a quick and secure connection. Our servers based in more than 100+ locations servers allow you to make your IP to be anonymous, so that you can surf away from prying eyes and eavesdroppers…

Safe and easy to implement, Le VPN for mobile app enable secure and unlimited internet connections. You can even connect safely to public Wi-Fi!

To learn about Le VPN solutions for iOS, discover our exclusive Le VPN for iOS offer or go to our App Store page. Discover also offer dedicated offers to protecting your connections with Android devices.

Don’t wait to discover Le VPN Premium offer for mobile devices, with attractive price plans and a 100% money back guarantee for 7 days.



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