About private browsing and risks of online piracy

About private browsing and risks of online piracy

According to a French survey in 2015, only 23% of webusers use private browsing. This option can be useful though to limit your online footprints.

Private browsing can be activated from any browser and keep no record of your data during your browsing session and specifically your navigation history as well as your passwords, fields filled in forms and also cookies deposited on your device by the websites you visit.
However, still browsers keep sites saved in your bookmarks, downloads from your browser which are stored by default in the “downloads” file of your computer.

Does Private Browsing make you invisible online?

Unfortunately, using a browser in private mode does not hide all of your online activities. So, incognito and as long as your browser is not closed, cookies continue to be filed: potentially, they can transmit real-time data to the site you visit. Your browsing history or the saved passwords will only be erased once your browser is closed. Finally, activation of Private Browsing will not prevent a site to recognize your device using other technologies than cookies, such as IP address or fingerprinting.
Besides, spyware can still be installed on your device. Your ISP may also have access to your data in real time.

How to prevent your accounts to be hacked?

Enabling the private feature is highly recommended when you use a public computer or you share your computer regularly with people around you. If you do not want to reveal the sites you usually see, this is also an interesting option. Indeed visiting online sales site usually generates customized banner ads that appear while you are browsing. Enabling private mode is ideal if you want to buy a gift online (watch, Box …) without the person using the same device as you knows it. If you look for online airline tickets, it is also a way not to see higher costs the next time you visit the same airline company!
Finally, you will avoid the accumulation of cookies of the websites you have visited, passwords recorded and sessions that you have opened. Private Browsing also avoid you having to regularly empty the cache of your browser.

Le VPN protects your data all the time

The best solution to keep control of your personal data and protect them is to use a VPN. Thus, you shall be able to hide your IP address and surf anonymously. You can use search engines, social media and all the sites of your choice, without fearing that your data may be used and exploited without your knowledge and without being exposed to all these advertisements you dislike.

Le VPN is the best VPN, even when you are using an unprotected Wi-Fi access. Thus, Le VPN encrypts your Internet connection with a powerful military encryption that no one can hack, even if you are using public Wi-Fi networks which can be found in airports, train stations, cafes and other hotspots.

With Le VPN, you can access all the freedom and all the potential offered by the Internet.



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