Play Your Part for a Better Internet with Safer Internet Day

Play Your Part for a Better Internet with Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day with thousands of organisations getting involved in the promotion of safer in internet usage for children and young adults. Play your part for a better internet with Safer Internet Day as Le VPN helps support the annual day to raise awareness in safe and responsible internet use of digital technology; mobile phones, laptops and tablets. The UK based organisation, UK Safer Internet Centre, organises the annual event as more and more children are spending time online from a much earlier age.

With Facebook being so popular amongst children and teenagers, and so much time is being spent online, there is a growing concern for internet safety and security. Schools across the country will be joining in the event to spread awareness by using the Safer Internet Day education packs teaching children and adults alike how to stay safe online. The program aims to also educate the parents on how their children should be using the internet, as many adults are equally clueless as to the dangers online, with the threat of identity fraud, cyber bullying, as well as data theft.

After the previous successful Safer Internet Day, this year is hoping to be even bigger and hoping to reach even more children and adults in knowing how to act responsibly online. With the growing concerns of security breaches and data theft online, starting with the basics such as password strength, with many young children and teenagers not knowing the importance of a unique and strong password. Other aspects include how to conduct yourself online, as well as knowing how to safely browse the internet.

There are steps you can take in order to stay safe whenever you’re online, with Le VPN you can stay safe and secure no matter where you are. A VPN service creates a secure tunnel through an encrypted connection, preventing anyone from potentially snooping on your activity. A VPN can also mask your online identity, keeping you anonymous to further protect your identity.

Aside from security, Le VPN can also provide bypassing of censorship and website restrictions, allowing you unrestricted access to the internet. Sign up to Le VPN today and enjoy the true freedom and security of the internet, all the while supporting Safer Internet Day.




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