Online Gaming Attracts More Female Gamers

Online Gaming Attracts More Female Gamers

Online gaming is gaining popularity. Similarly, there is a sharp increase in female gamers. This is proven through a survey by Dell Gaming and Alienware. Around 50% of survey respondents said that they have a female friend who plays video games. 29% of respondents have a sister fond of video gaming, and 21% have a daughter who plays games.

Various Reasons For Online Gaming:

  • 60% look for relaxation
  • 51% for passing the time
  • 49% to relieve stress

Online Gaming Set To Grow In India

In another survey by Google India and KPMG, India’s online gaming is set to grow exponentially in the next five years. By 2021, India’s online games industry will grow by $1 billion from $360 million at present. More than 310 million people are likely to go for online gaming, compared to 120 million right now. This is mainly due to increase in smartphone sales in India.

Use A VPN To Access Online Games

However, it is very frustrating if you are a dedicated gamer unable to access your favorite game while moving abroad. Just use a VPN to unblock the games of your choice. It is also not a good feel if you are playing games that do not load properly, lag, or freeze. Are you wondering what is a VPN? VPN or a virtual private network offers a private tunnel to your internet connection over the internet. Your data can safely travel through this channel, and no external threat can affect it. As the data is encrypted, no one can see what exactly is being transferred via your internet connection.

Download Games With Le VPN

Downloading any online games is easy. However, there are always risks whether you download a game through app store version or third-party websites. Le VPN is a reliable VPN service that allows you to access games of your choice anywhere, anytime.  By using the smartphone app, the user can browse the internet with complete security from his smartphone. At the same time, Le VPN is compatible with different devices and different OS. Be it Android, Windows, or iOS.

Bypass Geo Censorship

You must be aware that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are inaccessible in several countries. Similarly, online gaming is also not available everywhere.  This is because the government of those countries has imposed a ban. Why? The reason may be political ideologies, cultural differences, or national security. However, if you are moving to a country and you want to access your favorite content and games, use Le VPN. Secure your iPad with iPad VPN.

Additionally, Le VPN ensures 100% online security. You can use any of its 800 IP addresses from 120+ nations and enjoy the seamless internet connection wherever you go. You can also use Le VPN on peer-to-peer networks to share files with friends. Above all, Le VPN is very much affordable. Subscribe to Le VPN’s 2-year plan for $69.60 or $2.90/month.



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