New York City To Get NYC Secure App for Cybersecurity

New York City To Get NYC Secure App for Cybersecurity

The rate at which cybercrime is happening is unimaginable. Every day there is a new cyber-attack where data and confidential information is stolen in a way no one could ever imagine. To ensure online security, the concept of a VPN is gaining a lot of popularity. You must know what is VPN connection, and opt for Le VPN to ensure 100% online security.

New App by New York Mayor

New York City has received such cyber-attacks for quite some time now. The residents of this fast-paced city are now on the target list. To take a precautionary step for this, the Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio is all set to launch an app NYC Secure. This app will help guide the smartphone users to a threat they may come across. The app would be ready by the summer of 2018.

What Is VPN Connection?

VPN or a virtual private network offers a secure channel for your data to travel. The data is encrypted, so no third party knows what exactly is going on. Additionally, there is no room for security breaching when you use a VPN. In simple terms, a VPN means a set of computers or networks operating together over the internet.

Le VPN allows you to bypass restrictions as well. Are you wondering how to unblock YouTube UK? So if you are sitting in New York City and using YouTube on public Wi-Fi, you may have no access to content exclusively for YouTube UK. If you know what is a VPN, you need not worry here. That is because only Virtual Private Network can allow the user to unblock YouTube.

Le VPN Offers Great Benefits

When you start looking for a VPN provider, you will see many VPN providers that offer free service. However, you should pick a reliable VPN provider. And Le VPN is one trustworthy provider, offering a list of benefits:

  • Stream online videos anytime anywhere
  • Change IP address to any countries listed where Le VPN servers
  • More than 800 servers in 100+ locations
  • Multiple devices availability
  • Surpass geo-restriction
  • Money back guarantee with Le VPN within seven days
  • Unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch

There are so many companies that offer VPN for free for a specific duration. But Le VPN is the best because it offers money back guarantee within a window of seven days. VPN which are free are not very reliable as they may sell your information and sell it to other organizations. This is a price too heavy to pay. Hence, trust Le VPN for all VPN associated services!



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