No Need To Download Google Instant Game Apps

No Need To Download Google Instant Game Apps

Nowadays, Google Instant Apps is being extended to games, and you no longer need to download apps to experience them. However, if you are unable to access this content from your location, there is a problem. The government may have put a ban in place for Google Play Game app. In such a case, simply use a VPN to bypass this restriction. Also, you need not have a fear of being caught once you hide my IP free.

What Is An IP Address?

Your IP address stands for internet protocol. One must remember that every time you connect any device to the internet, you are sure to get complete access but under certain conditions. There are some protocols and policies that you must abide by to enjoy seamless service.

So the question may arise, “why is the IP address so important?” And why you look to hide my IP free? One, it is your identity when you are online. Just as you can have only one permanent home address, your IP address is unique to you. Irrespective of the kind of device you use, it will have one unique IP address.

Now, depending on the kind of connection we’re referring to, your IP address can be of two kinds – internal IP address and external IP address.  The best way to make the most of this feature is through a VPN connection.

Should You Hide My IP Free?

There might be various reasons why you should not hide my IP free. For instance, you want to browse something online anonymously. In that case, you don’t want your internet service provider to track you. Thus, you may want to hide my IP. However, there are certain companies who offer free IP addresses. You simply pick an IP address from the list and start using it for internet browsing. This way, your identity is hidden. However, such companies may sell your critical browsing data to third parties. Hence, you compromise your online privacy. Therefore, it is better to choose a paid plan that ensures 100% online privacy and security.


To hide your IP address, use a VPN connection. When you go online, it will not be your IP address that is shown, but that of the VPN service you are opting for. When you use a VPN service, your location will be routed off to a different geographical location. This means that your real IP address, and thus your identity remains hidden. If someone wants to track you, it will be the VPN provider’s IP address that they will be able to track. Plus, a VPN service ensures that the data is completely encrypted, thus reducing chances of data theft.

Pick Le VPN

Le VPN is one of the most reliable VPN service providers in the market today. Le VPN allows you to browse the websites that are only available in a certain nation. For example, if you want to access any website available in Canada, simply use Le VPN’s Canada IP address. This way you remain unidentified while bypassing the internet restrictions.

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