New Google Search Will Change Mobile Rankings

New Google Search Will Change Mobile Rankings

The search engine giants will be rolling out a change soon in how search results are calculated on mobile devices, with an emphasis on sites optimised for being mobile-friendly. New Google search will change mobile rankings so any site that hasn’t been made for mobile devices will fall lower on search results. This move will no doubt anger and frustrate many websites and companies who haven’t optimised their sites for mobile and tablet use.

Search results will change in accordance to how sites are viewed on mobile devices. An algorithm change will look for sites that resize and are generally just easier to view and navigate on smaller screens. This comes as a welcome change as more and more users are searching using their mobile devices as opposed to using desktop. When trying to view a website that hasn’t been redesigned on a mobile device it makes the experience frustrating and more likely to turn people away.

This move will push more companies into making the effort to redesign their websites, otherwise their rankings will plummet. Even though PCs still hold the largest market share on web browsing, that trend is slowing as more and more people are turning to mobile devices for convenience. Google is anticipating this upward trend and in doing so they are forcing companies to reconsider how important website presentation is and a responsive design should rank highly in website design, in fitting with Google’s, and the rest of the world’s, views.



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