Netflix Want to End Geographical Restrictions

Netflix Want to End Geographical Restrictions

Netflix have finally unrolled their streaming service to residents of Australia and New Zealand, allowing users to actually have access to Netflix without the need of a VPN. CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, has called for Hollywood to put an end to regional restrictions stopping people from accessing certain content in other countries. Netflix want to end geographical restrictions, which will help combat piracy, something the film industry has been desperate to eradicate.

Hastings claims that a large number of users who do pirate only do so because they cannot legally access the content they want. These people are more than happy to pay but are simply unable to, thanks to the archaic licensing laws that still exist. In a world where high speed internet connects the world so easily, why do some countries still have to wait for a release of a TV show or film when it can easily be accessed through other means? Of course, even if Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry do get rid of regional restrictions, people will still pirate digital content, but that is something the industries can work on.

With the release of Netflix down under, it means all those users who have paid for an American Netflix account, through the use of a VPN, can now purchase a subscription in their own country. But what might be disappointing to them is the lack of content available in Australia and New Zealand compared to the huge library that is available in the USA. Even though the film industry are reluctant in changing the laws when it comes to licensing in other countries, they still battle in an attempt to ban VPNs which allow access from anywhere.

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