Netflix Deny Blocking VPN Users

Netflix Deny Blocking VPN Users

After many users experienced loss of service with Netflix, it soon became apparent that it was due to customers connecting through a VPN, as a means to bypass regional restrictions. Fearing this could be a change in policy from Netflix, who could make moves in attempting to block those who use a VPN as a way of streaming content outside their own country. But Netflix deny blocking VPN users. Instead, the streaming service claimed that it hasn’t changed it’s policies of preventing unauthorised access of content via changing IP addresses. It has actually always taken steps in preventing such work arounds.

Using a VPN isn’t technically illegal, but accessing TV shows and movies in countries that do not have the license for them is. This is of course, not helpful to those who have to travel for work or even those just visiting another country and like to use a VPN to access their Netflix account abroad.

The Netflix libaries vary so widely that some shows and films that are available in the US are not in the UK. For example Twin Peaks, the David Lynch show, is only available to Netflix users in America. So if a paying customer is out of the country, why can’t they use a VPN to change their ‘virtual location’?

If Netflix do in fact enforce a no VPN ban on their services then it will only serve to hurt themselves as they will no doubt lose many paying customers. Yet another reason why international copyright does not work in this day and age, the Internet should be free for everyone.



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