Netflix Causes Record Drops in US TV Viewing

Netflix Causes Record Drops in US TV Viewing

Online streaming has been one of the best things to come out of the improvement and mass availability of super fast internet. But not everyone has benefited. TV has in fact seen a large decline in viewing figures in the US since Netflix has gained popularity. According to figures from Nomura who conducted the study, audiences have dropped 12% in viewing figures, a sharp decline that is surely only going to continue. Netflix causes record drops in US TV viewing and a similar statistic is found in the UK. Ofcom reported a 9% decrease in TV viewing figures in the past year. In 2013, the average viewer was spending 3 hours 52 minutes per day watching TV, which is a difference of 9 minutes from the previous year.

The increasing popularity of online streaming choices such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO Go and all the other options means people don’t need to wait to see their favourite show on television, interrupted by commercials or waiting between episodes. Now, viewers can choose what they watch, how often they watch it, at their own convenience. It should also mean the demise of terrible shows, the kind of shows people idly watch when nothing else is on. The quality of TV is greatly improving, with the huge success of big budget productions such as Game of Thrones, and the phenomenal success of shows like Breaking Bad, it means TV can finally compete with Hollywood blockbusters in terms of quality.

The popularity of online streaming will only grow in the future, when more and more demand for high quality TV shows grows. Which can only mean a greater decline for standard TV viewing figures. It is only a matter of time before standard broadcasts will become extinct, and instead only content the viewer wants will be available, on demand whenever, wherever.



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