Net Neutrality To Officially End On April 23

Net Neutrality To Officially End On April 23

U.S. Senate Democrats are looking forward to winning support that will help reinstate the Net Neutrality. In simple words, Net Neutrality means free internet for all. The rule came into being during the Obama administration in the US. But times are changing. Finally, the decision is taken, and Obama’s Net Neutrality will be out on April 23.  Thus, Trump Net Neutrality means more power to ISPs and government.

Trump Net Neutrality: States Preparing A Legal Battle

New meaning has come up from Trump net neutrality. America’s president, Donald Trump went ahead and challenged the regulations laid down by the Obama administration. During Obama’s tenure, the internet service providers were not allowed to change the speed and data to the user on any grounds. However, Trump government and FCC together are ending the Net Neutrality. Still, a coalition of 22 state attorneys general is preparing for a legal battle against Trump net neutrality.

Even if net neutrality goes out of the picture, you can freely access the internet with a VPN. Let’s see what is a VPN, and how it helps?

What Is A VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a network that’s encrypted and safe from any third party organization that is interested in the user’s data. Once a user replaces their original IP with that of a VPN’s. Therefore, no one can recognize the user’s whereabouts. Le VPN has 800 servers in 100+ locations.

Le VPN’s VPN Service

Le VPN is among the leading companies offering VPN service. Additionally, the VPN plans are affordable.  Some major benefits of Le VPN services:

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  • Change IP address to any of 100+ locations
  • Simultaneous access to two or more devices
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  • Use VPN for safe P2P, file-sharing and torrent download
  • Unblock gaming websites and play poker safely
  • Watch live sports online from anywhere in the world

With Le VPN, you can bypass internet censorship. At the same time, Le VPN ensures that you stay secure online when connecting through an open WiFi in public places. Enhance your Online Privacy with Le VPN and enjoy high-speed VPN connection. Especially, Le VPN subscription is affordable, reliable and safe to use. Hence, Le VPN is a smart pick in Trump net neutrality era.

Don’t Fall Prey To Free VPN Services

There are many companies in the market offering free VPN services. They do this to attract customers. However, it is always better to pay a few dollars for your online security and privacy. As such free service providers may sell your data for their benefits. That’s how they cover the cost of providing a free connection to their consumers. If you are looking for a connection that allows you to unblock geographical restrictions, masks your IP address to keep your surfing anonymous, Le VPN is the right step for you.

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