Microsoft All Set For The Next Console War?

Microsoft All Set For The Next Console War?

It’s good news for gamers, especially if you are an Xbox ardent. Microsoft’s E3 event saw a launch of 50 titles, which includes 15 Xbox exclusives. And it looks like Microsoft all set for the next console war. However, it’s very much possible that you do not have access to the titles due to geo-restrictions. Or, you are doubtful about your online security while playing any online games. Your worries end with end-to-end encryption.

Why Should You Be Alert While Online?

Have you ever wonder if someone can see whatever you store on your laptop? Or what you will do if someone can read your private messages? With the development of modern science and technology, it has become very easy for hackers around the world to access your data. You are more vulnerable while using public Wi-Fi. Your valuable data is now at very high risk. However, you can have a secure connection thanks to the end-to-end encryption. The encryption not only changes the format of your information but also protects it from the prying eyes.

What Is An End-To-End Encryption?

Described by the “father of Western cryptology” Leon Battista Alberti, the term Encryption was derived from the Greek word Krypton. That means hidden or secret. Technically, during this end-to-end encryption process, your unencrypted information referred to as plaintext, converts into an unreadable format, ciphertext. Only an authorized recipient can decrypt this text. This method is essential for data security, especially for data that transforms across networks. Many individuals opt for the end-to-end encryption for the safety of their data on the server, computer as well as mobiles. This algorithm uses a same secret key to encrypt and decrypt a message. Therefore, no third party can view your messages or even online activities.


Another technology that helps you in your data security is a Virtual Private Network. This technology ensures that your information is encrypted. It also allows you to surf all the websites securely and lowers down the risk of data hacking. A VPN masks your IP address and routes your internet traffic through overseas location. As a result, one would not be able to track your activity and your location.

Apart from these, a VPN also allows you to access those websites which are not allowed in a specific location or countries. By using this technology, you can browse your desirable sites with VPN servers in an overseas area. E.g., if you are unable to access a website in the US, you can unlock the same with Canada VPN.

Top Secret Encryption With Le VPN

There are many VPN service providers. But all of them use different encryption standards. The AES-256 encryption algorithm is the advanced one available today. And this top-level encryption standard is in use by Le VPN. The AES-256 is extremely fast. Even if your system is hacked, the hacker cannot reach your data.

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