Make Money By Selling Your Own Data

Make Money By Selling Your Own Data

Companies pay big bucks for buying information and data about internet users, everything ranging from their shopping habits, hobbies to even medical history. All this data is worth money to companies who can then sell them on to other companies to target you with advertising. Datacoup, a company based in New York, is hoping to turn the tables, they want to help you in selling your own data. If companies are profiting from selling your data, then why shouldn’t you? Make money by selling your own data.

Well, it isn’t quite reality yet, but Datacoup is hoping that by allowing the consumer more control in how they control their own data, it would lead to a much more transparent internet. Many of the companies that gather and trade this information do so without full consent, or at least knowledge, of internet users. Data protection is a very serious topic around the internet, and there have been many arguments on how consumers can protect themselves online. But the real issue lies in services many of us use already, our data is already available on the free market. Sites like Facebook make a lot of money on advertisements on their web page, where companies collect relevant information from the user and target advertisements especially for those they deem suitable.

Even when Datacoup and their service become a viable solution in controlling and making money from your own data, it is still important to take control over your personal information and data held online. Aside from the many companies who sell on your data for advertisement reasons, more malicious uses can arise from such information. By using Le VPN, you can safeguard your information when online and make sure no one can see your online activity and potentially steal your data for their own uses. By encrypting your internet connection it will keep it secure wherever you connect to the internet from.

Until you can make money by selling your own data online, protect yourself with Le VPN and enjoy the many other benefits of using VPN when browsing the internet.



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