Major Internet Service Providers Slow Net Speeds

Major Internet Service Providers Slow Net Speeds

Research conducted in the United States has confirmed that several major ISP’s are slowing internet traffic to both businesses and homes all across America, counting for more than 75% of all internet users. The study, conducted by online activists Battleforthenet, has found the biggest corporations to be guilty of slowing traffic down. The companies include AT&T, Time Warner and Verizon, which are among the top five internet providers for the whole country. As major US internet service providers slow net speeds across the country, more than 300,000 online users have been tested for traffic.

This comes at a time when ‘net neutrality’, the act of keeping all internet traffic fair and equal, is under intense scrutiny from both government and the major internet providers. In an effort to protect and ensure all data online is equal, the FCC, Federal Communications Commission, introduced new measures to ensure this sort of thing does not take place. The problem lies in that customer’s are not being provided the service they are paying for. Instead of data download speeds that are quoted as the packaged deal, in some cases the speeds drop to almost 20 times the original speed.

These corporations hold monopolies in certain parts of the country, where there is no other alternative service, so there is no competition for them with pricing, so the customer is at complete mercy to their greed and extortion. If the FCC can finally implement a law that would prevent companies from slowing internet traffic down, then everyone will be receiving fair internet usage.

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