How to Listen to Spotify Anywhere in the World

How to Listen to Spotify Anywhere in the World

Spotify has revolutionised the way we listen to music. No longer do we have to cart around a small metal box full of songs anymore, we just carry our smart phone/tablet/computer and as long as we have Internet access we can access all our music. All you need is an Internet connection and you can sign in and access your entire library of music as if you were at home. But that only applies if you’re travelling within certain countries. Some songs, or entire bands’ collections, are not available outside certain regions. But what if we want to travel with our music collection? Want to know how to listen to Spotify anywhere in the world? Use Le VPN and you can do just that.

Restrictions apply to the content you can access through Spotify (app or web version) so you may not be able to access your music. This could be down to a variety of reasons, from licensing restrictions or Spotify not currently operating in that country. As soon as you leave your native country (or wherever you setup your subscription) your existing library of playlists and music might not be available. Using Le VPN you can unlock this restriction and access your music library wherever you are, whether you’re in a coffee shop in Rome, or waiting at an airport in New York.

Maybe you live in a country where Spotify isn’t available yet, unless you have a VPN service to virtually change your location, you’ll have to wait until Spotify decides to extend its reach there. There are many benefits to using Le VPN, one would be that you can personally choose the ‘location’ that you are connecting to the Internet through. If you wanted to sign in to your Spotify account, or create a new one, you can connect to a different IP address to access your playlists and music library. If you’re from the US but travelling in Asia, just connect to a US IP address and you can access all your content as if you were still at home.

Sign up to Le VPN to take advantage of all the benefits on offer, use the Internet without the restrictions.

*Article Updated On April 11th, 2019.*



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