Listen to your Spotify Playlists Anywhere in the World

Listen to your Spotify Playlists Anywhere in the World

Just by having an Internet connection you can access your entire music library wherever you are. If you want to experience new music, you can simply search for it and listen to it instantly. The best part is being able to create new playlists of all your favourite tracks and access them easily on the go. But unfortunately Spotify is regionally restricted, so dependant on where you are depends on what music you can access. So if you’re away on holiday and you try to access your finely crafted holiday playlist you might find many songs are not available. One way of getting around this restriction is using Le VPN to listen to your Spotify playlists anywhere in the world.

Le VPN gives you the option to change your ‘virtual location’ to wherever you please. So if you have a subscription from England, and you’re travelling abroad, you might not be able to access them as the playlist is only available within the United Kingdom. By using Le VPN, you can switch your IP address to that of the UK and you can still access all your playlists. You can also change your IP address to access different Spotify libraries around the world.

There are many other benefits of Le VPN. Not only does it provide the freedom to unblock Spotify restrictions, Le VPN provides you with a secure connection to the Internet wherever you are. So if you’re at an airport, or a coffee shop abroad, you can never be sure how secure the Internet connection will be, leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

Sign up to Le VPN and start benefitting from using a VPN and listen to your Spotify playlists anywhere in the world.



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