Le VPN unblocks Super Bowl: learn how

Le VPN unblocks Super Bowl: learn how

Super Bowl is taking place on the 4th of February this year and it will be available for free via live online streaming on FoxSportsGo.com! Besides Fox, Super Bowl will also be broadcasted on other American networks like CBS, ESPN, and NBC.

Super Bowl will be available on a few local networks around the world, and obviously to all the viewers in the US, but not to others.

However, this year Fox Sports will be streaming Super Bowl live on its website and all US viewers will have a chance to watch Super Bowl for free via their live streaming. But what if you are not based in the US? How can you unblock Fox Sports live streaming in order to watch Super Bowl 2018? Le VPN is here to help!

How to watch Super Bowl live and for free from outside of the US?

To unblock US online media, like Fox Sports this time, you need to change your online geolocation to the US or simply change your IP address to an American IP. With Le VPN, there are several ways you can change your IP and unblock Fox Sports.

How to watch Super Bowl live and for free from outside of the US?

3 ways to unblock American Fox Sports, CBS and NBC with Le VPN’s US IP addresses:

1. Establish Le VPN connection to any of Le VPN servers in the US.

Your IP will automatically change to an American IP. The live streaming of Fox Sports will be unblocked in no time.

Advantages of Le VPN connection: Besides changing your IP address to an American IP, Le VPN also secures your Internet connection, routing it through its encrypted virtual tunnel. Therefore, you enjoy both unblocked American media and a secure Internet connection.

Disadvantages of Le VPN connection: If you are connecting from a country located very far away from the US or on another continent, your Internet connection may slow down because of the distance between servers. It can be quite inconvenient if you are trying to watch live streaming on an already overloaded website (like Fox Sports will be during Super Bowl).

2. Set-up SmartDNS by Le VPN for your current IP.

SmartDNS by Le VPN already has a big list of online media unblocked for you, including American NBC and CBS. All you need to do is set it up, which is super fast and easy. You can view the list of all unblocked media here.

Advantages of a SmartDNS connection:

  • SmartDNS assures a super fast connection speed that is perfect for online streaming.
  • It is super easy to set up and works permanently for the two IP addresses (of your current location) that you’ve provided. No need to turn it on or off.
  • SmartDNS unblocks online media in different countries at the same time. It is automatically set up for you so that you don’t need to connect to different servers to unblock media in different countries. SmartDNS has already unblocked a vast list of channels and media in the US, UK and France for you.

Disadvantages of SmartDNS connection: SmartDNS connection is not encrypted; therefore your Internet connection is not protected if you are using SmartDNS alone without connecting to Le VPN.

3. Establish a HybridVPN connection by connecting to a HybridVPN server closest to your real location.

HybridVPN is a mix of a secure Le VPN connection along with the speed and easy access to online media of SmartDNS. It is just perfect for live streaming Super Bowl on NBC or CBS, and protecting your connection at the same time!

Advantages of HybridVPN connection:

  • Your Internet connection is as secure as with a standard VPN connection, meaning that nobody can hack into the military-strong encryption of your online traffic.
  • All the supported online media in the US, UK and France are automatically unblocked, including American NBC. No need to change servers to unblock media in different countries. They are already unblocked automatically and simultaneously.
  • By connecting to the closest HybridVPN server to you, you enjoy the fastest connection speed that is perfect for online streaming.
  • If you are based in one country but need to have an IP of a certain other country, but also want to watch American NBC or CBS at the same time – this is also possible with HybridVPN. For example, you can be based in Argentina, but need to work with a Brazilian IP and also be able to watch American NBC and British BBC. All of this is possible with HybridVPN! Just connect to HybridVPN’s Brazil server from your location in Argentina. Your IP will change to a Brazilian IP and all the American, British and French media will be automatically unblocked.

Disadvantages: Oops! . . . There doesn’t seem to be any disadvantages! HybridVPN is the perfect mix between the security of a Le VPN connection and all the advantages of SmartDNS!


The best way to watch live streaming of Super Bowl on Fox, NBC or CBS websites this Sunday, February 5, is to use HybridVPN or SmartDNS by Le VPN. Both options unblock NBC and CBS in no time and provide the ultimate connection speed necessary for live streaming. Prefer the coverage of Fox Sports? Just connected to our VPN server in the US with a standard Le VPN connection.

Don’t have your Le VPN account yet?

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