Last McAfee security report or how everyone can easily become a cybercriminal

Last McAfee security report or how everyone can easily become a cybercriminal


In its latest report on cybercrime, McAfee explains why cybercrime is growing and how hacking or “piracy on demand” contributes to this development.

The McAfee Labs researcher Francois Paget who wrote this report provides an update on the changes that have allowed anyone to simply become a cybercriminal.

You just don’t have to be a computer expert or use sophisticated equipment to create a cyber-attack. A new illegal market now sells “cybercrime on demand” to allow the greatest number of people to perform any type of online attack through some infrastructure that replicates such models used in large companies.

You can thus rent or buy lists of e-mails for a very low price or get for $2 per hour a denial of service. There you can find different types of malicious actions, such as crimeware demand (purchase of equipment and technology required to propagate an attack) or research on demand, such as personal data purchase. Finally, one can opt for cyber infrastructure on demand (such as DoS attacks or send spams)

In this report, McAfee details the types of cybercrime deals that are now available to anyone with a credit card.

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