ISIS Threaten Twitter Founders Over Blocked Accounts

ISIS Threaten Twitter Founders Over Blocked Accounts

With Twitter and YouTube teaming up to close down accounts and delete videos uploaded which are in support of ISIS, the terror group have responded by taking aim at the employees of Twitter. As ISIS threaten Twitter founders over blocked accounts, the extremist group posted an image on, the image sharing website, detailing in Arabic: “Your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you” and goes on to explain that Twitter will become a target for the soldiers of ISIS.

It seems that the terrorist organisation are not happy with their accounts being closed as a combined operation between the UK’s counter-terrorism internet referral unit and both YouTube and Twitter. This comes as hacking group Anonymous have claimed responsibility for hundreds of attacks on ISIS by targeting the many platforms the terror group use in propaganda and recruiting. Twitter accounts, forums and other websites and social media sites have been targeted with many still offline.

The internet has become so fundamentally important in modern life that groups such as ISIS rely heavily on the internet as a tool of recruiting new members as well as spreading information around. With all these attacks and closures happening at a much faster rate than ISIS can keep up with, it is surely a crushing blow to the extremist rebel group.

Twitter have announced that they are merely adhering to their existing terms and conditions in that they can explicitly ban any “direct, specific threats of violence against others.”



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