Smartphones With Broadcom Wi-Fi Chips Vulnerable To Hijacking

Smartphones With Broadcom Wi-Fi Chips Vulnerable To Hijacking

Google’s Project Zero has discovered a new bug that can allow smartphones and iPhone WiFi hack. Most iPhone and Android phones use a Broadcom WiFi system on a chip (SoC). These smart gadgets with the Broadcom chips are vulnerable to external attacks, as per the Google report.

What Is This Bug That Can Allow Smartphones And iPhone WiFi Hack?

Google’s security researcher Gal Beniamini reported a number of bugs on these SoCs. According to these experts, the bug can actually take over your entire device with the help of WiFi proximity. There was no need of any user interaction in this case. And the Android and iPhone WiFi hack happens without any knowledge to the user.

The bug can affect almost all the models of iPhone, Google’s Nexus devices and all Samsung Galaxy handsets. The team at Google was able to show the execution of a WiFi remote code exploits on a fully updated Nexus 6P.

The Bug Doesn’t Stop At Smartphones Only

The bug can also easily target WiFi routers, too. Hence, both sides of your phone’s Wi-Fi could be susceptible to hacking, said Beniamini.

WiFi Soc Lacks Certain Security Measures

According to the team of Google, WiFi SoC lacks certain security measures which are making the issue more problematic. However, Broadcom has said that the new version makes use of MPU and it has also several hardware security measures. Exploit mitigations are also being considered for the future. This will surely bring about a lot of improvement and it will become easier to handle the problem.

Rescue Steps By All Concerned Companies

The Google’s team has informed Broadcom about the new threat concerning the smart gadgets and iPhone WiFi hack. And Broadcom is working with manufacturers to push security fixes to the affected devices as early as possible.

On the other hand, Apple is already trying to put things right with the help of its updates. Looking at the seriousness of the issue, Apple made sure that they released their next update within one week of releasing the first update. The smartphone company has managed to take control of the issue with the help of its updates.

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