Google wants to change Internet authentication tools

Google wants to change Internet authentication tools

authentification tools

2012 may have been the year of Internet theft passwords with the help of authentification tools have become booming cases. You have probably received some requests by email to send money or messages offering exceptional offers but containing corrupt links from friends or relatives whose email accounts had been hacked.

Passwords and cookies are simple ways to authenticate users, but they are not safe enough for today’s Internet and they will never be. Authentification tools are used to steal passwords.

Google has been concerned for long by authentification aspects and has already worked on offering some alternatives. It has set up a double protection to access a Gmail account: you thus first enter your password then you get a randomly generated code to add to your password.

Google might be experimenting with new ways to replace passwords with moving objects to validate access. The system could workd as a car key, with a cryptographic card that should be connected to the computer via USB and which would validate access to your email or web pages. This would not require any software download and once the web pages would be appropriate, it would be easy to use.

In the future, Google imagines things which can be even easier, like connecting to your computer via wireless technology. “We would like your smartphone or key with integrated smart card to authorize a new computer with a slap on the computer, even in situations where your phone does not have network,” says Google.

The future cannot work without password. Therefore, before further technological developments, choose a VPN for secure connections. Le VPN offers a secure internet connection with an IP address for anonymous Internet free and restrictions. You encrypt your Internet connection with a top secret level coding. And even your ISP cannot detect sites you visit or downloads you make. You protect yourself from hackers and eavesdroppers who are trying to listen or get your passwords and other sensitive information.


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