How to avoid online IP Tracking used by airline companies

How to avoid online IP Tracking used by airline companies

How can you avoid online IP Tracking used by airline companies ?

Airlines and other travel organizations have created IP tracking, an amazing technical marketing on the Internet that can lead you to pay for your plane or train tickets an unusually high price.


If you surf on the Internet looking for a trip destination for this summer, you may have noticed how after identifying a destination with for instance a round-trip ticket to Bangkok for € 1000, a few days later when you check again on the website to confirm your holiday destination the ticket cost will have increased by 10%.

This phenomenon, also called IP Tracking, is a real scourge for consumers who are looking for train or flight tickets on the Internet. When a new web user visits a travel site, then the website developer knows he/she is interested in a particular trip, due to the first search, then when the same internet users comes again, the website will have adjusted its prices up. This practice is considered illegal, according to European Union Member of Parliament Mrs Françoise Castex who is strongly committed to protect personal data. The MP has asked the European Commission to take up the issue, and has also asked the French CNIL (an institution in charge of protecting personal rights linked with IT matters) to decide on this matter.

The European Commission said that “IP addresses can actually be considered as personal data” and their treatment “must comply with the national provisions implementing the requirements of Directive 95/46” on the protection of personal data.

Then CNIL has responded that “Tracking IP must also be understood on the basis of unfair trade practices governed by Article L.120-1 and following the Consumer Code,” which target processes “that alter (…)consumer’ behavior of a person who is reasonably well informed and reasonably observant and circumspect, in respect of a good or service. ” IP tracking is something to worry about, also considering IP tracking Austrailia.

The process could thus indeed be proved to be illegal, but nothing is set right now and it should take several weeks before any decision is taken. CNIL also indicates to be working “closely with the Consumer’s right organisation” on this issue of ip tracking online.

The best way not to become a victim of IP tracking to avoid IP tracing website is to use a VPN service. This allows you to ensure that your personal information are not used without your knowledge and reduce your online movements by replacing your routing information through an anonymous IP address. Secure DNS servers keep secret queries you make, so that no one can see your browsing history. Besides, your Internet connection is encrypted with a very strong system that protects you from hackers and illegal ears trying to listen or obtain sensitive information about you. Your Internet connection is hidden behind the many VPN servers: when you are connected to the VPN, no one can access your computer or your mobile device, without using the protected VPN servers.

By utilizing the net, it becomes much easier to do research and discover data fast. But others might be able to access your data. The only means to prevent this will regulate the details you actually opt to share and express over the Internet in the form of a VPN to hide your IP. But you want to protect data and avoid sharing your ip address. So, in order to do this, you need to understand a bit about what happens.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is essential for the web to work. Network administrators in companies must monitor traffic to their own server, including tracking the online use by employees. Allowing the effective sharing of information while safeguarding personally identifiable or alternative confidential information could be the true challenge. Peer-to-peer networks may use the map to prevent bottlenecks.

If you think about telecommunication, VPN is the thing to do. This is actually the goal of a VPN. You are able to use this type of network to have a secure passage to the internet.

It is perfect for home users and little businesses, who are searching for a budget router, that may facilitate VPN connectivity. This is the point where the info is stored that’ll have to be accessed by remote servers. Surely, for an IP network, these are several types of access. VPNs could exist at any nation’s IP. In this manner, information might be sent throughout the internet without being susceptible to interception or corruption by those outside the VPN. Getting the help of a virtual private network or VPN is actually a fine choice in case you are willing to relish a secure and secure experience on the world wide web.

A VPN offers connectivity to a larger geographical range that permits you to log in at the area of their convenience. Also what’s more, when using a VPN the information exchanged between the user along with the website is encrypted, meaning the info is unreadable in transit. The product is a kind of protocol than a type of service. The bottom line is these protocols work when they’re properly employed.

Because of this, you have to always look for the finest VPN provider. Hence, if you plan on making excessive use of your own VPN then you’ll just want to look at those options offering unlimited bandwidth. You should consistently ask your VPN service provider for all of the features being offered.

Article Updated June 30, 2016



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