Why You Need To Hide Your IP Address

Why You Need To Hide Your IP Address

Protecting your online identity is crucial. One important aspect to ensure the same is not revealing your IP address. Yes! you may have come across this term time and again. And thinking to imply the same in your case. However, you are not sure why this is important and how you can implement the same. Here, we tell you why you may want to hide your IP and how a VPN can help you achieve the same.

Some Of The Top Reasons To Hide Your IP Address Are:

  • Hiding the Geo location:

As you are already aware, Geo location locates your position on the planet. In case of the web world, Geo location identifies where you are logging in from. And the IP address plays an important role. So, if you wish not to disclose your location, you have to hide your IP.

  • Avoiding web tracking:

Knowingly or unknowingly you are tracked online. Sometimes, you reveal your own information like your interests, hobbies, shopping habits, etc. while you are online. Whereas, many a times you are under scrutiny without your knowledge. This is done by either putting a malware directly on your computer, or by checking the information shared by you on remote servers. To keep away from this policing, you need to hide your IP.

  • Escaping a digital footprint:

Usually your online browsing habits leave behind a trail, which is better known as a digital footprint. When you shop for any product on e‐store, you leave some important information online. This way all your browsing habits leave some trails. And, of course, you will not wish that such sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. Hence, you always need to take care that you log in anonymously and keep your identity safe.

  • Bypass any content filters, bans or censorship:

With the advancement in on the go technologies, we can entertain ourselves from any part of the world. But, with the freedom comes regulations. Some nations like China, and Russia impose strict regulations on the internet. Some nations put a ban of certain type of content, whereas some stop the user from accessing certain websites.  If you really want to access the website banned in any country, then hiding your IP is the need.

How To Hide Your IP Address

After reading so much about why you may need to hide your IP, are you thinking about how you can do so? Same as the firewall secures the data on a computer and within your network, a VPN guards the internet connection. As a result, the data that travels from a user’s computer and point of destination is safe.

There are multiple ways to hide your IP. But the most popular method is a VPN. You can easily change your Geo location by switching to a VPN proxy. What if you are living in the UK, and you are unable to access any sports which is broadcast only in the US? Easy! Just change your IP address to a country where the match is aired. Hoopla! You are done in two minutes.

Use Le Vpn

In order to select a VPN service provider, you need to check for its reach. Le VPN has VPN servers in 100+ locations. We protect all your internet activities as well as hide your IP with a secure virtual VPN tunnel with a very strong encryption. With Le VPN, it is very easy and quick to toggle between nations and make sure that you are browsing anonymously.



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