Hackers Use Hotel WiFi to Steal Data

Hackers Use Hotel WiFi to Steal Data

Security company Kaspersky Labs, the firm behind Kaspersky Internet Security, have discovered hackers use hotel WiFi to steal data. The very specific attack, called ‘Darkhotel’, focused on senior executives and other high ranking business executives as they stayed in luxury hotels. As hotel WiFi is open to everyone, it provided an easy access point for hackers to gain direct access to other computers.

Kaspersky believes that the hackers were specifically targeting individuals, so they knew what computers they wanted to hack and when, enabling them to access very specific details, including login information for both email and Facebook. The hackers supposedly hid their intrusion via a fake popup asking the user to update popular extensions and programs, such as Adobe Flash and Google Toolbar. When the unknowing user accepts, key-logging software is installed instead, allowing access for the hackers to snoop around and gain any information they are looking for.

The team behind the discovery of the hacks do not know exactly why they were targeting business executives and what information they were really after. But what they do know is the hackers knew when and where their targets would be visiting. The targets ranged in location, the most common were in Russia, Japan, China and Korea.

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