Hackers Can Even Exploit Your Browser’s Auto Fill Feature

Hackers Can Even Exploit Your Browser’s Auto Fill Feature

There are different reasons why people want to hide IP address. The reason may be to mask your geographical location, avoid leaving a digital footprint, prevent web tracking, bypass all kinds of content filters, blockages and bans. However, not everyone knows how to hide IP address.

Marketing Firms Exploit Your Browser’s Auto-fill Feature

According to researchers at Princeton, two marketing firms are exploiting browsers’ autofill feature. The exploit allows these marketing firms to steal email addresses. Just to let you know that most popular internet browsers have the built-in login manager. These popular browsers- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., save your login details. And the latest autofill exploit takes advantage of the browser’s built-in login manager. Hence, it is important that you stay alert while using the browser’s autofill option.

What Is An IP Address?

IP address stands for internet protocol. Each device that connects to the internet has a unique IP address. For instance, you are reading this on your desktop or even on your phones. That means you’re doing this via the internet. Your internet service provider or ISP provides you with a unique IP address that can help identify you since it concerns to your geographical location. Now, there might be some reasons why you would want to hide your IP address. In the section below, we give you some tips how to hide IP address.

How To Hide IP Address?

In case you were wondering how to hide IP address, there are some famous options:

VPN: By using a VPN connection, you will be able to hide your IP address. When you go online, the IP address will not be yours; it will belong to the VPN service that you are opting for. When you use Le VPN, your internet services are routed off to another geographical location. That way, your IP address becomes that location; this means your actual identity is hidden. If the internet service provider tries to track you down or track your online activity, they will be shown the Le VPN’s IP address. Also, with Le VPN all your data get encryption. Hence, no one can track you down. With a VPN router, your all IoT devices in the home get VPN security.

A proxy server or proxy browser: You can use a proxy server or proxy browser. Such a proxy server would mean that your IP address remains hidden. These proxy servers work around your bans and restrictions or filters in order to help you access the web content. But there is a catch. In most cases, these proxy servers tend to compromise on your internet speed, and if you are watching streaming content, then this could get on your nerves.

Public Wi-Fi: You could use your public Wi-Fi. When you are traveling, we recommend you use a shared public Wi-Fi. That way, it would be impossible to track you. But the truth is, these public connections aren’t very safe. If you are carrying out secured transactions on the internet, your data might be compromised over a free Wi-Fi, since hackers are always on the prowl. If you have advanced security in place and your data is encrypted, you are safe.

Le VPN To Hide IP Address

As you can see, if you were wondering how to hide IP address, Le VPN is among the best options. This is the most secured method. Since your data would be safe and no one would be able to track your online activity. Additionally, Le VPN subscribers can choose from four different VPN protocols. These are Point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol over Internet Protocol Security (L2TP OVER IPSEC), OpenVPN, and HybridVPN.

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