Hacker Threatens to Release Details of 20000 FBI Employees

Hacker Threatens to Release Details of 20000 FBI Employees

A hacker has revealed details of how he managed to hack into a government organisation, obtaining thousands of gigabytes of data. As the hacker threatens to release details of 20000 FBI employees, as well as more than 9000 employees of Department of Homeland Security. The information he supposedly has obtained includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, as well as job titles. The hacker goes on to claim that he managed to gain access to a DOJ computer, where he was able to view moe than 1TB of data.

Unable to download the entire contents, the hacker did however obtain hundreds of gigabytes of documents, detailing all the private and sensitive information associated with both the FBI and DHS. The hacker obtained all of this information by simply compromising the email address of one employee from the Department of Justice, from there he attempted to use login details from the email address to access the web portal for the DoJ. But failing that, he simply contacted the relevant department and was able to gain access relatively unchecked.

Through this, the hacker was able to gain access to three separate computers, opening up a whole wealth of information on the local network. It is not known when or if the hacker will be revealing the information online, but yet again thousands of government employees are under attack by breach of data. This is just the latest in a string of attacks against the US government, with the last to happen back in October last year when a pro-Palestine group of hackers targeted CIA director John Brennan and his personal email account.

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