Hacker Claims to Have Taken Control of Airline Mid-Flight

Hacker Claims to Have Taken Control of Airline Mid-Flight

Chris Roberts, an American hacker who was on a United Airlines flight, has claimed that he not only hacked the in-flight entertainment systems but also gained access to the flight systems aboard the plane, just by using his laptop. Hacker claims to have taken control of airline mid-flight, but aviation experts think otherwise.

Boeing has released a statement, coinciding with aviation experts rubbishing the hacker’s claims he was able to not only hack the entertainment system but to actually start controlling the plane. Roberts, who tweeted his claims of hacking the airplane, caught the attention of the FBI who launched a full investigation. Roberts claims he made the plane climb slightly as well as move sideways. He also claimed he had hacked into the in-flight entertainment systems on multiple occasions.

But a spokesperson from Boeing, the plane manufacturer, has called the claims false as the two systems allegedly hacked, the in-flight entertainment and flight systems, are completely isolated from another. Which would make it impossible to access the flight controls, effectively taking over from the pilot. Roberts has since retracted his comments, saying they were taken out of context.

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