Google can create a dress with your data

Google can create a dress with your data

Google with the help of the brand Ivyrevel has created Data Dress, an application which can design your ideal dress thanks to your personal data.

Indeed, the fashion industry tries and explore new uses of consumers and offers more and more original services by adopting new technologies and finding adapted answers. Fashion companies really wants to be immersed in the technologies of tomorrow and to be always more innovative. It is thus maybe a way to reach young and hype targets.

Thus, Ivyrevel, a brand of the H & M group and Google have set up a partnership to design an original and tailor-made dress. Certainly, this is still an application that is in beta testing. It was tested by a selection of fashion influencers, notably by Kenza Zouiten, the co-founder of the Ivyrevel brand. The software thus designed collects data from its users. Then, they are compiled and analyzed to form an original outfit, which is adapted and optimized to the lifestyle of the wearer.

The style adapts to the tastes and specificities of the mobinaute. You prefer a dressy, chic or casual version: the dress adapts to the needs of the clients. It also takes into account the way of life and activities of women for a conception that is unique to each of them.

Aleksandar Subosic, co-founder of Ivyrevel, said: “We are going to revolutionize the fashion industry by instilling the personality of the consumer into our creative process through machine learning. “

Indeed, the Data Dress concept requires taking your phone everywhere with you. The app takes into account all your everyday habits: travel, work schedules, modes of transport used, but also habitat, weather, sports practiced, preferred outings … All these elements shall enrich the algorithm. After a week of collection followed by their analysis, the app can then offer a dress adapted to the life of the user. The price charged for a personalized dress at Ivyrevel is around one hundred euros, which makes it a price equivalent to what can be done on the brand’s website. The marketing and smart effect is that purchasing the dress is not mandatory. On the copposite, a refusal will oblige the Data Dress to review its copy until it corresponds to our tastes.

It’s captivating, but is this a gadget or is it going to focus on personalized clothing using machine learning and artificial intelligence? Fashion has finally got into digital lately and must innovate quickly, to renew itself. The brands would like to abandon production in volume to work towards original models so as to remain accessible.

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