Going Backpacking? Don’t Forget Le VPN!

Going Backpacking? Don’t Forget Le VPN!

If you’ve been planning your escape for some time, you’ve probably got most of the basics down, whether its a good, sturdy backpack, comfortable trekking shoes and the often over-looked reliable head lamp. Or you are one of those people who just needs their old, battered backpack, a couple of t-shirts and their favourite pair of sneakers. Whoever you are, if you plan on travelling abroad, then you might be interested in signing up to a VPN service wherever you go. Going backpacking? Don’t forget Le VPN!

When you are travelling around the world, there will be times you will no doubt use the internet, whether to check back with family and friends back home, or plan your next boat trip, or making sure you can book that reservation when you arrive red-eyed after that 36 hour bus trip through Bolivia. The great thing about the internet today, is that it is so easy to find somewhere which provides net access, so you have to make sure you take the required steps in order to stay safe online. When connecting to public wifi zones, you can never be sure if the connection is safe. After all, when you desperately need to book a flight for the next day and the only way to do so is by using the dingy, 24 hour internet cafe, you have little choice on choosing a reliable location.

By connecting to an unsecured internet connection, you can be opening yourself up to a whole variety of attacks, from snooping on your privacy, watching your activity, to even stealing your identity. This is because public wifi zones allow anyone to join them, so there is no security to prevent any fraudulent people or hackers from joining and manipulating the network. By signing up to Le VPN, you can take a secure and trusted internet connection, wherever you go in the world, on whatever you use to connect with. Aside from security, Le VPN allows you to simply change your geo-location, your virtual location, to that of anywhere in the world, so if you don’t want to miss your favourite TV shows from back home, you can still use your subscription or access regional restricted sites from anywhere you are.



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