Cybercrime Cases on the Rise in India

Cybercrime Cases on the Rise in India

Cybercrime is considered to be the most prevalent type of fraud in today’s online life. With the more stress on plastic money and virtual transactions, reports related to cybercrimes have been on a constant upward graph. There are reports related to credit card details theft, hacking into an organization’s system or accessing full information about an individual. To avoid such situations, it is very essential to use the internet in the most secure way. In a way where the user directly meet its requirement and there is no third organization involvement. Hence, the use of a free VPN software is booming.

Cybercrimes are most common to happen on public domain internet, where there is no masking of IP address or any kind of security encryption.

Cybercrime cases on the rise in India

According to the government of India, the number of registered cybercrime cases has grown in 2014-2016. The number of such cases was 9,622 in 2014. This has grown to 11,592 and 12,317 in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The national government is also vigilant to keep a tab on such crimes. The government is already pulling up sleeves to control the cybercrime instances. However, it is important that you are using a secure connection. That means, no hacker or cybercriminals can infiltrate your system.

Mask your IP with Le VPN

One of the very easy and affordable solution is Le VPN. With the reliable VPN service, you can protect your system, mobile devices, and information from such theft and frauds. Today, more and more people are opting for free VPN software. However, you have to wisely decide if you are secure with such free VPN software.

Le VPN ensures you to browse the internet anonymously, unblock the content of your choice, and ensures online security. And Le VPN subscription is very affordable. Isn’t it a very fair deal to get online security at an affordable cost? Additionally, Le VPN allows you to hide your original IP address and no one will realize what is my private IP. 

Why Le VPN connection?

Le VPN is one of the best service providers in the market today. Apart from online security, there are more Le VPN features that you should know. Security, data encryption, servers across 120+ nations, masking of IP address, ability to connect two devices simultaneously and much more. As Le VPN has VPN servers across 120+ nations, you can mask your IP address with the IP address of any country on the server list.

Think twice before you pick free VPN software

Usually, users first opt for free VPN software that is available on the trial basis for one month. This is not a very good option since this free VPN software has access to your information and details. The details may be then sold to some third party for a good price. So in reality, your free VPN software is not really free. You are risking your important information.

On the other hand, Le VPN believes that any customers paying for our services must have a great and satisfying experience. Does that mean the charges are high? Wrong. VPN services provided by Le VPN are available at a very affordable price that would not burn a hole in your pocket. So, pick Le VPN and enjoy the seamless internet browsing experience.



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