Fingerprint Hack Found in Samsung S5

Fingerprint Hack Found in Samsung S5

Samsung has responded to claim a that fingerprint hack found in Samsung S5, where hackers are able to access and steal copies of user’s fingerprints. Security firm FireEye claim that Android fail in protecting user’s biometric data as the hack allows the data to be intercepted between the fingerprint sensor and the ‘secure zone’ where the data can be matched. By allowing hackers access to this sensitive data, they can be replicated in any way and used to access secure information.

Luckily, this vulnerability has been fixed in the newest version of Android, Lollipop, but that can only run on newer devices, like the S6, and Samsung are urging users to upgrade as soon as possible. But unfortunately, older devices such as the S5 are still susceptible. Apple have introduced a similar security feature in the iPhone 6, which also has biometric security and fingerprint scanning ability, but no hacks have been found so far. Until Samsung have investigated the claim further, FireEye will be demonstrating the vulnerability at the RSA security conference.

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