Facebook Live Television Is Just Few Weeks Away?

Facebook Live Television Is Just Few Weeks Away?

Watching television live on the go is the in thing now-a-days. Television programming is one of the best ways to reach out to a wide audience. This is the reason that a number of organisations are venturing into live television. Social media platforms are also eyeing television programming. Facebook live television is one such example.

You Need To Wait For Just A Few Weeks For Facebook Live Television:

The social media giant Facebook is all set to enter into the arena of television programming. They will introduce their TV block or Facebook live television in just a couple of weeks. They will air budget short-form shows and also expensive shows on the Facebook live television. As per reports from sources the format may be similar to YouTube. However, yet there is no confirmation report from Facebook on this subject. Hence, very soon just like YouTube, you will have one more source of live entertainment.

Worried About Geo-Restriction Issues?

The whole concept of Facebook live television sounds interesting. But some of you may miss the entertainment through these online programmes. Sometimes, you are travelling to places where websites like YouTube are inaccessible. At such places, Facebook might also face the same fate. But if you are smart enough, then, you will overcome this problem. Make use of virtual private network to overcome the problem of geo-restriction. You can easily unblock YouTube and other websites with the help of virtual private networks. But make sure that you use a trusted VPN service provider.

Opt For Le VPN

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Le VPN also ensures that the user has better security and privacy while browsing the internet. You can be assured about your internet privacy even when you are using a public network. They have also introduced apps for phones which helps you remain secure while on the move. The best part is that they do not maintain the logs of the users. So, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Their long list of satisfied customers shows the quality of their service.



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