Emergency Meeting to Be Held After ISIS Cyber Attack

Emergency Meeting to Be Held After ISIS Cyber Attack

French TV network Tv5Monde came under attack by a group of hackers thought to be connected with Islamic extremist group ISIS. The channel suffered blackouts throughout broadcasting as well as attacks on their social media websites including Facebook and Twitter. The French culture minister is planning an emergency meeting to be held after ISIS cyber attack in order to assess the security of French media.

The attack occurred on Wednesday and Thursday between 10pm and 1am, resulting in a loss of broadcast on over 11 channels. The attackers claimed allegiance to the Islamic State and shows for the first time the sophistication of their hacking capabilities. France’s culture minister, Fleur Pellerin will organise the meeting in an effort to stop any further attacks on French media.

Security has increased already since the Charlie Hebdo office attacks back in January, where 17 people died at the hands of a terrorist attack in Paris. The hacks on the websites included messages warning French soldiers who are taking action against ISIS that they should stay away from the Islamic State, in order to save their families. It is not known how the hackers managed to execute such a complex and sophisticated attack on the French television station, as the attack took down every computer system at the station’s headquarters in Paris. These systems ran everything from production equipment and even the servers required to broadcast content.

It is hoped that the meeting will have a positive effect and increase the security of French media. If security concerns are important to you then Le VPN will make sure you stay safe and secure wherever and whenever you connect to the internet. Sign up today and enjoy the true freedom of the internet and browse safely wherever you are in the world.



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