Don’t Miss the Premiere of Gotham

Don’t Miss the Premiere of Gotham

Its been 9 years since Christopher Nolan bought us all back to a much darker and grittier Gotham City. With Christian Bale donning the cowl in showing how Bruce Wayne came to be the Dark Knight. The new series by Fox follows in the gritty footsteps and goes back even further, past the origins of Batman, to a young James Gordon, before he became commissioner and sent out the iconic bat symbol. The origins of the many foes to Batman, including The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman and the Joker are also explored in detail. Gotham premieres on Fox on September 22nd in the United States, but if you’re out of the country, you might not be able to catch it. Don’t miss the premiere of Gotham with Le VPN and watch it anywhere in the world.

Regional restrictions imposed by Fox won’t allow users to access content outside the US, so if you’re away or living abroad then you won’t be able to catch up with Gotham or any other show online. By using Le VPN you can change your ‘virtual location’ by switching your IP address to that of the US, allowing access to the Fox website as if you were still in the country. Le VPN can be used to unblock any other website which uses regional restrictions, including Netflix who have a different library of content dependant on where you are.

Using a VPN can also secure your own internet connection wherever you connect from, making sure you’re safe whenever you’re browsing the internet. By encrypting your connection it makes sure no one else can snoop on your activity and your data and privacy is protected.

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