Don’t Leave Your Spotify Behind When You Travel

Don’t Leave Your Spotify Behind When You Travel

Spotify makes it so easy to travel the world, or even just walking to school, with your entire music collection in your pocket. If its on your phone, or on your tablet, you can carry your entire music library with you, without a worry for space. Gone are the days of trying to decide what favourite albums to fit on your iPod with a very selective and small storage capacity. Or even if you’re setting off on an around the world trip, how can you possibly choose the ultimate playlist? With Spotify now, its so easy to take everything with you, all you need is an internet connection. But what happens if some songs and artists are unavailable in some regions? Don’t leave your Spotify behind when you travel, use Le VPN to access all your playlists wherever you are.

Whenever you attempt to access your Spotify playlists abroad, you will sometimes find that not all your music is instantly accessible to you. Restrictions exist in some places, preventing its music streaming service if you are out of the country. By using a VPN, you can easily take your Spotify playlists anywhere you go with Le VPN. Restrictions apply to the content you can access through Spotify, whether you use the web app or its own application, so you may not be able to access your music. This could be due to  licensing restrictions or Spotify not currently available in that country. As soon as you leave home, your existing library of playlists and music might not be available to take with you. Using Le VPN, you can  easily unlock this restriction and access your entire music library wherever you are, whether you’re waiting for a plane in Amsterdam, or just chilling in a coffee shop in Prague.

Whatever device you use to connect to the internet with, you can use with Le VPN, on up to two devices simultaneously. Whether you use Spotify on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can simply connect with Le VPN, change your ‘virtual location’ and access all your playlists without issue. By switching IP addresses, you will be essentially accessing that certain country’s internet. So if you are from the USA, where you set up your Spotify account, by connecting to a US IP address, you will be able to access your playlists as if you were back home. Sign up to Le VPN and carry your Spotify playlists everywhere!



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